Finding Peace on the Bumpy Road

I’ve been reading The 5 Second Rule lately & she writes a segment on health. One little pointFitness Prot Prog she makes stands out, “…we just want to do things that feel easy…” Truth is, I don’t believe most people necessarily want or expect easy, but we definitely wish we could find that one way that flows seamlessly. The way that has no bumps in the road. Continue reading


Perfectly Imperfect Food Prep

It’s been put out there over and over failing to plan is planning to fail.  The quote is credited to the wise Benjamin Franklin. And I agree with it… to a degree.

Quite often what holds us back isn’t failing to plan or even fear of it; it’s the expectation of a perfectly executed preparation plan. We plan to prepare, then life happens. We thought we’d have plenty of time, but one activity or another takes longer leaving less time. Then to boot, preparation ends up taking far longer than we’d prefer, which can leave us physically wiped. The thought of tackling can be mentally exhausting and dejection can lead to the forget-it-all decision.  Continue reading

Yes.. No.. Wait: The Exercise of Self-Control

After just coming off a week vacation with family, I STILL struggle with getting my mind back under control and returning to my boundaries; those pesky boundaries that keep me from going overboard with all those tasty treats, or overeating anything really, that actually bring peace and freedom. 😉

Paul wrote there are two forces that war against each other: spirit and flesh, so
yes, the struggle is ACTually real, not just a nifty cliche.  Continue reading

Fatten Up! – A Quick List for Inspiration

Let’s face it, sometimes we draw blanks when planning meals for the day, but we don’t need a big, long post explaining why healthy fats are good for us. There are PLENTY of resources out there already.

Here’s a quick list of fat sources to use as an at-your-fingertips resource (not an exhaustive list). Average macros will be added soon, based on a one ounce serving. Always be sure to verify actual amounts. (Suggestions for daily tracking applications are listed below.) Continue reading

Dealing With Disappointment

Want to share my thoughts on disappointment, because there’s no one on earth that can escape it, even the people that seem to have it altogether. This got long, but I think it’s very important.

This morning Steve was disappointed in his progress. I was disappointed in myself yesterday, because tuesday I went over in my fat allowance, so yesterday I was supposed to be spot on…. I ate the stinking steak. It was good, but I ended up more than double over my fat allowance from the day before even. I’m not saying my own check-in on Friday still won’t be okay (sometimes the body needs a fat load), but I digress… I still was disappointed in myself. Continue reading