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Finding Peace on the Bumpy Road

I’ve been reading The 5 Second Rule lately & she writes a segment on health. One little pointFitness Prot Prog she makes stands out, “…we just want to do things that feel easy…” Truth is, I don’t believe most people necessarily want or expect easy, but we definitely wish we could find that one way that flows seamlessly. The way that has no bumps in the road.

That’s not how life works, nor will ANY health & fitness path. Jesus said “in this life you will have troubles” (John 16:33). Not might, you *will.* And this area of life is no different. And it’s IN these moments of the struggle (all those bumps in the road) where you are challenged to find joy (James 1:2). Follow the spirit – be patient with yourself, take deep breaths & choose be at peace. Find the words to speak aloud to redirect negative thoughts. (related post – Fighting the Mental BattleWhen your spirit focuses on joyful things, then a clear mind will help you discern the right steps and give you the strength to follow through.

Refuse dejection; take small, regular steps in the direction of your goals; get up 15 min earlier; on your next grocery trip, pick up a small magnetic wipe off board for the fridge (see previous post — Perfectly Imperfect Food Prep); if you have a desired time you hope to exercise (or do anything), shoot for doing just 10 minutes worth of that task. Smaller steps make it easier to develop a habit. Once the habit’s developed, whatever you’re doing will naturally blossom into what you originally pictured.

When my tots were toddlers, I *wanted* to go to the gym at 6am while hubby was getting ready for work. He would help me get out the door, but there were many days for a time when I would pull up to the gym, put it in park, and take a nap. Ha! Sleep: integral to a healthy mind, right?! Back me up ladies. Eventually I made it inside the the door regularly. Now, 10 years later as life has evolved, 5am is my constant.

Even more recently, I’ve been wanting to get back to stretching. It’s been years since I’ve done it regularly. It’s on my daily checklist, but I just kept putting it off because it was, to be honest, annoying,… even though I know it’s integral for a strong, functional body. So when I finally sat down on my laundry-covered floor, and for the first couple of weeks, each stretch only lasted for a count of five. It’s been a couple ofJoy months now and I have the habit going (not perfectly) and I’m up to a count of anywhere from 20 to 30.

To sum it up, stop fearing the bumps in the road. Learn to navigate and overcome through choosing different responses.

Then the equation to keep in mind:              time + daily persistence = perseverance. Perseverance sets the foundation to practice self-control. More on that to come!


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