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Perfectly Imperfect Food Prep

It’s been put out there over and over failing to plan is planning to fail.  The quote is credited to the wise Benjamin Franklin. And I agree with it… to a degree.

Quite often what holds us back isn’t failing to plan or even fear of it; it’s the expectation of a perfectly executed preparation plan. We plan to prepare, then life happens. We thought we’d have plenty of time, but one activity or another takes longer leaving less time. Then to boot, preparation ends up taking far longer than we’d prefer, which can leave us physically wiped. The thought of tackling can be mentally exhausting and dejection can lead to the forget-it-all decision. 

Rather than believing it must be done perfectly, a better idea is to prepare imperfectly.

  1. List out everything you know you’d prefer to have prepared in advance, usually over the weekend, and tack it to your fridge. It can be hand-written on a piece of paper or on a small, magnetic wipe-off board (I think I found mine at a dollar store). After a 2-hour grocery shopping trip on Sunday, (I actually used to like grocery shopping, but my tween/teen boys are killing me. ha!), I had only enough energy to quarter the peppers and snap the asparagus. It only took me about 15 minutes, but I was d.o.n.e. done. We cooked the chicken later that evening after I’d sat down and had a glass of wine, then the rest would be handled either the next day or after.


2. Tackle what you can over the weekend, then as the need arises for one or more item on the list, tackle that plus two. For example, Monday morning I prepared our intra-workout drinks and at the same time prepped two more dry intra-workout mixes for the next two days.

3. Maybe even write a specific day next to each prepping task. I’d decided to shoot for Wednesday to prep the carrots (notice I said “shoot for” not “I will do it”) If don’t get to it till Thursday or even the following weekend, then so be it. With giving yourself grace, you will accomplish twice as much.

The more you work towards it week by week, the easier prepping food for a good, nutritious week of meals will all get. Regardless, there will always be weekends here and there when there’s just too much going on. Lighten up on yourself & you’ll be farther ahead in the game — living with more peace and having food prepped — than if you believe you *have* to finish the whole sha-bang in one sitting. 


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