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Water: Easy Tool for Tracking Water

If you’re anything like me, you get halfway through your day, pick up your water bottle and think “Is this number 3 or number 4?” Ha! These methods aren’t fool-proof, but they’re certainly better than my memory method… which…just being real… isn’t a very good method.

My most recent idea, spun off from my previous elastic/velcro band. Get double-sided hook and loop tape. You can get it from any craft store or inexpensively online and there are plenty of colors to choose from. Cut a strip to wrap your bottle and an extra inch to connect. Use a black permanent marker to make one dot for the number of bottles you want to drink in a day. Cut a small square of hook and loop tape in a different color to be your marker. And that’s it! And if my description here doesn’t make sense, just buzz through this short how-to video…

Elastic Water TrackerThis is the the tracker I made with elastic and hook & loop tape. It’s simple to make too, but does require a little stitching. Just cut enough elastic to be able to wrap and be snug, overlap the ends and stitch each end. Cut enough loop squares (soft side) to use as markers to match however many bottles of water you want to get in during the day, then stitch those squares to the elastic. I don’t recommend using the double-sided H&L tape for this, because it is very difficult to stitch through. Then cut a square in a different color of hook tape to track what you’ve drank.

Here are some other ideas I’ve seen friends use and have seen online:

Left to Right:

  • A print out you could use with a wipe-off marker. I didn’t like this method, because I had trouble with erasure, plus it wasn’t always handy.
  • Using phone or device application. I’ve tried this idea (not this specific app) and it didn’t work well for me, because I didn’t always have my phone or a device handy.
  • This 3rd option is basically what my hook and look tape tool does, but much fancier and more solid. I haven’t bought it and probably won’t, but here’s their website for anyone interested… http://fluidintaketracker.com/. (I’m not a sponsor.)
  • Last option, get a gallon jug and write your own tracking plan on it with permanent markers. I’ve tried this and do not like how stale the water can get by the end of the day. Although if you’re competing and water-loading at the end of your prep, this might be much easier to force the water down.

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